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Lambs 2012  

    First lamb of 2012 born on leap year!

Fifteen lambs born this spring!

Zoe lambed with this little ewe lamb cutie on February 29th- she is a friendly little girl and Zoe lets us pet her:)

 For Sale $175.00

Morgan lambed on March 3rd with twin ram lambs...

               Two horned Ram Lamb  For Sale $175.00

Four horned lilac ram lamb just like his papa, Wolfgang
Staying Here


Marguerite lambed on March 10th with twin ram and ewe lambs.

              Ram lamb 8.2 lbs  For Sale $175.00

                  Ewe lamb 7.2 lbs  For Sale $175.00


Ripple lambed March 15th with  twins, ewe and ram.

   Twin ram and ewe lambs- both sold 4/20

Lamber lambed March 16th with twins, ewe and ram.
For Sale $175.00 each

Emma lambed March 19th with twins, ewe and ram
For Sale $175.00 each


Blossom lambed with twin ram lambs
ram lamb w/ black front leg- sold 4/20
ram lamb2- for sale

Buttercup lambed with a single ewe lamb- sold 4/20

Polly Anna lambed with a single ewe lamb- this cutie has light green/blue eyes:)  

for sale $175.00 (reserved for Janine)
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